Oil Sump Pan fits Volkswagen Transporter / Caravelle T5 2003-2010 1.9 Tdi PD

SKU TNV07866

This part fits: Volkswagen Transporter 2003-2010 (1.9 Tdi PD), Volkswagen Caravelle 2003-2010 (1.9 Tdi PD), Volkswagen Multivan 2003-2010 (1.9 Tdi PD)

Additional fitment details: Description: Oil Sump Unit of Sale: Each Manufacturer: Aftermarket Note: Aluminium (Incl. Drain Plug) Note: Incl. Oil Sensor Hole

Part colour:

Part Number: VM0062

OE Part Numbers: 038 103 603 AD038103603AD

Cross Reference Part Numbers: ABAKUS: 100-00-150AIC : 59549ASAM: 75385BORG & BECK: BSP1031FIRST LINE: FSP1031KLOKKERHOLM: 9568473BLIC: 0216-00-9568473P

Details and Condition: Approved high quality new aftermarket replacement part. Fits, looks & works the same as the original part.

If you are unsure about the condition, vehicle fitment or have any questions we can help. To match the part please use the part number provided. Manufacturers part numbers are quoted for reference purposes only.