Sump Oil Drain Plug and Seal fits Fiat Ducato 2006+ Onwards 2.3D JTD

SKU TNV07988

Oil drain sump plug for the 2.2 Diesel models of the Fiat Ducato 2006+ onwards, includes the seal.

This part fits: Fiat Ducato 2006+ Onwards (2.3D, 2.3JTD)

Additional fitment details: Weight 50 g
Length 18 mm
Outer Thread M22 x 1,5 mm
Spanner size 10
Bolt Head-/Nut Design Female Hex
Supplementary Article/Info 2 with seal ring

Part colour:

Part Number: FT94713

OE Part Numbers: 031125 16993411 16993411 4847102

Cross Reference Part Numbers: 83400 [3RG] 83401 [3RG] 120035 [AKRON-MALO] PK1405 [BGA] 220067H [CORTECO] 220133S [CORTECO] 6.20403 [DT Spare Parts]

Details and Condition: Approved high quality new aftermarket replacement part. Fits, looks & works the same as the original part.

If you are unsure about the condition, vehicle fitment or have any questions we can help. To match the part please use the part number provided. Manufacturers part numbers are quoted for reference purposes only.